How many is enough?


I’m nursery hunting. Never thought it would be so complicated. Firstly because there is just ONE nursery in our “neighbourhood”, secondly because we leave far from our offices and it’s hard to find one that opens until “late” (meaning after 18h), thirdly because it’s your child and you’re never sure if you want to leave your child with people that you barely know.

We’ve seen three, two of which we liked. I’m visiting another 4 on Monday and Tuesday and I still have another 10 that I didn’t manage to get through and book an appointment. But between you and me, I’m tired already. How many is too many? How will I know that I’ve seen enough and I’m ready to make a decision? Most will say it’s when my “heart says so”, but to be very honest, my heart will never say so. The maximum we will get is a “since there’s no way out of this, yes, I would leave my baby here, but I’m not 100% happy about it”.

So this weekend we will go through our options, we will probably select another 2 or 3 so we have enough to compare. Either we will find the “perfect” place or we will get even more confused.


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  1. Hi there

    I’ve known Cipri for several years as my husband Horea and I used to share a house with Cipri in Bournemouth many many years ago when we first arrived in this country.

    I’ve been reading your posts for a while. Hope you’ll eventually find a nursery both you and Cipri (and little Laura) will be happy with.

    You might be aware that every nursery, child minder, early years setting and school in this country is rigurously incpected by Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education). You can find the inspection reports here:

    Inspections are carried out every three years roughly unless there is a major problem , in which case the inspectors come back after several months.

    Could you ask other mums what nursery their child goes to? Word of mouth is more powerful than any advert. As far as I’m concerned, a nursery has to be a safe place where the children like going. I would look for signs of how clean the place is (if you can,check corners, under chairs and tables, etc). I would even ask how often they clean the rooms, floors, toys, toilets, where the babies sleep. Also, do the children seem happy, are they all being included in activities? How do staff deal with challenging behaviour? Are children;s clothes clean, noses wiped as often as necessary? Is food being cooked on the premises? Are staff happy?

    I hope you don’t mind me intruding, I just thought you might find the above useful.


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