And moments that weren’t registered


Loads of funny and cute moments, but the one I regret the most not taking pictures was on Thursday when we met babies F and S at F’s house. When Laura saw F she couldn’t hold her excitement and went straight to him for a “hug” and a “kiss”. It was just the sweetest thing ever. They played so nicely together, like they’ve know each other for ages. Well, they do – we made the math and they know each other for 7 months – considering he is 11 months old and Laura is 9, it has been “ages” for them.

On this day I realised that my baby is very noisy. Very. On Monday, when Stina came over, she cried a lot when Laura was screaming of happiness (or whatever the reason, surely not because she was upset). Little F had the same reaction, with both Laura and S’s screams – again happiness screams. We thought that he was crying because he thought they were upset. I say he was annoyed by screaming ladies, because he was totally fine when Laura was crying for real. And same happened on Saturday when we visited Mari and Vicki – little Vicki, not even 4 months old, also cried a lot with Laura’s screams. (Sometimes mummy wants to cry too).

Anyhoo, back to missed photo opportunities, Laura also gave her first steps on Thursday, using F’s walker. We were all excited and impressed – no photos or videos, but registered in my memory. 😉


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