Like father, like daughter


For those who say that Laura looks just like me, I have a few photos of Mr. C when he was a baby and there are loads of similarities between daddy and baby. Even my mum said that the more she looks at the pictures, the more she thinks Laura looks like him, especially the smile. I couldn’t agree more: they both have a cute funny smile.

And the similarities are not only physical. Mr. C eats a whole package of something (cookies, ice cream, etc) and left just one behind. When I asked why, he said it was something he does since younger, as he had to leave something to his sister. Great big brother, eh? By the way, if you ask, he will denied it! Laura ALWAYS leaves a little bit of her food behind – porridge, lunch, cookies, fruits. She ALWAYS stops when it’s almost over. It’s a bit annoying, just like with her daddy, but I don’t know what’s her excuse…

Speaking of the little beauty, she had her 8 to 12 months check up today and she is doing well. She is now 8kg and 71cm, which is around the 50% mark in the UK chart. And I thought that she had a big head, but it’s also around the 50% mark. So she is an average baby. These numbers are very reassuring for me, as I was worried about the amount of food she eats. She is growing well and keeping the same growth percentage since she was born. I have to confess to you that I really enjoy having a small-ish baby. Having to go up and down stairs, lift pushchair with baby and all to get in and out the house and carry her in the car seat is very tiring – I don’t know if I would be able to do all that with a bigger baby.


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  1. My opinion to Cipris’ excuses…just talk :), he usually ate all the best or everything thinking only not to be caught in the act…once I’ve found only the skin of some bananas (used to be a precious fruit in RO) which by the way were mine…Probably he feels bad about old times…with this habit…hheheheh!

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