What?! The weekend is already gone?!


I’ve been so tired that my weekends are all about sleeping and resting during any spare time. Hubby stays with little one in the morning and I stay in bed, trying to ignore all the noise she makes.

This weekend was a little different. The weekend started on Friday evening, after a nice chat with Lili & Maggie on Skype, when I managed to meed Gabriel. Now I want to meet him in person more than ever – he is soooooo cute! And we set a date to meet again on Sunday.

Saturday we had Mr. J’s 30th party, starting early for friends with babies (me, me, me!). We were the first ones to arrive, so we could chat a bit with the couple, check the new stuff they’ve done in the house (Lillywhites is my home decor buddy) and watch some rugby (the only one interested was Mr. C). I managed to control myself a bit and not overeat. But I ate cheese bread, yummy! Unfortunately Laura was getting too tired and we couldn’t stay until late and chat with the other guests. Lillywhites was too kind to give us some of the sweets to take home – that never made home, I ate them on the way back. And of course, I had to leave something behind: my camera, my precious camera, full of photos to post here.

Although Laura went to bed at 8 something PM, she woke up at 6am. We were exhausted! Luckily Mr. C decided we needed to go for a walk, as it was nice and sunny outside. We visited a tiny park nearby, then walked to Hayes Village, a place we’ve never been before. It’s a tiny place but very cute. And we found by chance a farm where we could buy fruits, veggies, eggs and honey. The apples smelled soooo good. We were tempted to buy some stuff, but we forgot to bring cash and they don’t accept cards. It’s in our list for next week. The afternoon was dedicated to Skype: mum, Lili and family.

Not a very busy weekend, but doing things that make me happy! 🙂


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