Going to the 9th month


Little Laura is growing and getting cuter by the day.

* Tonight was the best sleeping night of the week. She has a cold and can’t breath properly, plus has an annoying running nose, and had been waking up in the middle of the night several times. So many times that we decided to bring her to our bed.  She sleeps better when in our bed. Not me, although I love waking up in the middle of the night to give her a kiss. So of course that we celebrated the fact that she went to bed at 7pm, woke up briefly at 9.45pm (daddy just gave her the dummy and she went back to sleep), then at 0.40am for milk, and last time at 4.50 for another milk (well, at least I giver her milk because it’s easier for me) and woke up for good at 6h50am. So almost 12 hours with 3 interruptions that lasted no more than 40 minutes in total. Since Monday, she was sleeping at 7pm, waking up at 8-9pm, taking us at least 1 hour to put her back to bed, only for her to wake up again in 30 minutes and so it went. And she decided to start her day at 5.30am.

* Since she got ill, she hasn’t been going to sleep so easily, which is understandable (but frustrating), and her day naps are completely messed up. Sometimes she sleeps for less than 30 minutes and only once or twice a day. But she doesn’t look ill. She is full of energy and very smiley. She is eating ok, playing, crawling like mad, standing up whenever she has something to support herself on, etc.

* Her new favourite game is throwing her toys on the floor for mommy to pick them up. 100 times. Do I need to say that mommy doesn’t enjoy this game that much?

* She also likes anything that ISN’T her toy, like laptop, phones, camera, cables, TV, etc. She loves typing on mommy’s Mac, and that’s why mommy avoids computer while baby is awake and around.

* She makes sweet “ooooh, aaaaaah” sounds for her mommy and she probably knows that mommy will do anything for her if she “asks” so nicely. 🙂

* No sign of a single tooth yet. This is an advantage: I don’t have to brush her teeth, she doesn’t bite me when drinking milk and she looks younger than she is, which is always a good thing for a girl.

* She is outgrowing her toys, but I can’t seem to find anything interesting enough to replace them. The most popular toys are also the most annoying ones: with loud and repetitive music/noises. At least, she doesn’t play with them for too long, she gets bored really easily. And I’m not a big fan of spending loads of money on the latest stuff – I’m quite shocked how expensive baby stuff can be.


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  1. Haha percebi isso com a Giovana ela adorava caixas e coisas que não eram os brinquedos dela… Será que é por ver a gente mexendo com essas coisas e elas querem imitar? =D

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