The trip to Romania was great! The temperature was quite low, but indoors was quite pleasant. And as I said previously, Baia Mare, where we stayed most of the time, was warmer than Cluj. We got a few sunny days, nice warm sun, blue skies, temperature above 0C. Great!

The best parts of the trip for me were:

* Watch Mr. C speaking Romanian. And watch a whole discussion in Romanian between the whole family without understanding much and still be able to laugh of one or two jokes.

* See how loved my little baby is.

* See how well behaved she is sometimesmost part of the credit goes to her mommy, who is educating her very well.

* See snow once again. Lots of snow.

* Be able to sleep until late because granny was taking care of little one.

* Go out for shopping or a walk while granny stayed with little one.

* Get the best hugs from little one when I got back home.

* Food. Eat.

I’m thinking about kidnapping my mother-in-law, but don’t tell anybody.


More photos. Apologies for using the same “template”, but I don’t have much time to come up with something nice and creative. Hubby is next to me saying it’s bed time. Oh, and click on the photo to view it bigger.

More photos of Romania


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