Almost over


Time flies when you are having fun, they say. Wednesday 6am we are flying back to the UK.

It was a very nice and productive trip. Laura is enjoying herself quite a lot, she is eating well, sleeping not that well, chatting and playing loads.

I went for a curtain hunt with Anca and in the end changed my mind completely about my curtains. I thought I was going to sort out the curtains of my bedroom, but I didn’t find anything that would work well. On the other hand, I had a clear idea of what I wanted to the living room and in the end I went with something different. We also got curtains for the dining room – one that will match the one my mother in law gave us.

Mr. C also went skiing a couple of days and he is very happy about it. Happy because his old ski clothes still (barely) fit him, and happy because it’s been more than 10 years since he last went skiing. Now we have a plan, starting from 2012: to have two holidays a year, a summer one and a winter one. Winters will always be for winter sports, summer will mostly be for beaches/water stuff. Let’s see if we will keep our plans.

As I said, the weather here is improving. Today part of the snow melted, with the temperature being around 1C (-1C in the mountains). Not sure if we will be lucky enough to get the +7C they promised before we leave.

And of course I’m eating like there’s no tomorrow. Oh well…


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