Life in pictures


While little one is taking a nap, let me share some photos with you. 🙂 All taken with the new camera, which is way better than I expected. I can take photos of almost to full rooms of the house! Yey! If only I had it before, the before and after would have been much nicer.

Latest news: Laura is ill. Well, coming out of something. She had fever and her nose is blocked, which means that she has been sleeping really badly (and so have we) and eating almost nothing. It breaks my heart to see her like this, especially because I know how hard it is to have nose blocked. I have it almost all my life and am addicted to nose drops. When I was a kid, I barely felt any smells, I used to breath mostly through my mouth. I used to sneeze quite a lot as well – still do. Life was tough, spend many years (about 20) trying all sort of treatments for my allergies and, although I am much better now, I’m still using my nose drops every night. So, I feel for my baby – not only because I’m her mum, but also because I know exactly how she feels.

Good news is that she has no fever. After three days of 38C+ (sometimes 39.5C), she is totally well. Very scared we were. She is taking antibiotics for a week so hopefully after this, her nose (and appetite) will be back to normal.

We’ve placed gates on the stairs, but I have to confess that it feels more dangerous than before, at least for us. I’m always scared of tripping on it and rolling down the steps. Mr. C was the latest victim of our killer stairs, falling on his bum. His is fine, but I was scared to death. Not sure if this is an European thing or just a British thing, but the steps here are made for tiny feet – probably same staircases made 2 centuries ago – and if you’re not extra careful, your foot just goes. To add insult to injury, most stairs have carpets and carpets are a bit slippery. Anyhoo, when visiting us, please be careful.

Oh, photos:

Our little messy nest

Sleepy sleepy

Poorly 😦

Checking my temperature - quite high.

This is not artificial tan, it's food!

Catching some sun- it's good for the bones!

Just before falling asleep

All green

Already sleeping

Protecting our little one

Killer steps


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  1. Acho que a sua casinha é mais antiga que European regulations, hein? Aqui em casa eles são desiguais, a gente já acostumou mas mas visitas sempre percebem! Hehe. Ela tava com uma carinha de poorly mesmo, mas adorei as fotos com a comidinha fake tan, muito mais saudável!! =D Melhoras pra vocês!!

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