The new camera arrived!


Mummy tests the camera instead of feeding the baby

Baby likes being photographed

So much fun - better than eating veggies!

We bought a new camera because since we lost the old little cannon in the US, I’ve been taking photos on my mobile. Mr. C’s camera is nice and all, but only him (if that) knows how to operate it and the photos are only good if there’s enough light in the space – even with the flash on. Since we live in England and we don’t get natural light here that often, I had to get a new camera.

I didn’t want anything fancy; just a simple and compact digital camera that I could take with me everywhere, that is easy to operate and take nice pictures. We found a Sony Cyber-shot W350 14,1 mega pixels for 90 pounds – two days later and it’s now costing 120 pounds. The photos above were a few test while Laura was refusing to eating. I didn’t even have to use flash!! Pretty happy with the results, the camera is very easy to use and takes pictures really quick, without taking ages to set the focus like my previous one did. Plus the images are not blurry like with my mobile. I had a Cyber-shot before and wasn’t so impressed with the quality of the photos – Canon had better colours, but I think they’ve improved (or maybe I got used to the crappy photos of my mobile).

One thing not so good is that it doesn’t come with a memory card – and we didn’t notice that in the product description, so I’m using the camera’s memory until the card we bought arrives. We had other memory cards in the house, but they were in the same bag where my camera and cables were. 😦

Oooh, and another good thing is that it films in HD. Can’t wait to test this as well.

Watch this space, peeps.


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  1. Good thing u have a new camera, I already love the pics you’ve posted!
    I can even notice that baby’s hair is growing fast! Or maybe it has been for a while but the quality of mobile pics wouldn’t let me notice!
    Also, she’s looking more like her dad now, maybe she wants to please him for your next trip and let him show her off for the relatives there!

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