TV is on. I wasn’t really paying attention (Mr. C was watching Man U vs Whatever) until I saw this bungee jumping site in Switzerland and almost freaked out. Then he started talking about what give us pleasure. Some researches were asking people in the street what give them pleasure and chocolate came out as one of the main things.

I understand why chocolate was highly voted, but it kept me thinking what would be my answer. I love chocolate, fact. I love eating. I love sleeping. I love warm (not hot) sun. I love other things. But what would be my top 10 list of things that give me pleasure? Never thought about it.

And the guy went from bungee jump to chocolate to chilli and now we are talking about sex. I’m curious to see where this is going.

I didn’t see the whole thing – went to bed just after writing this post.


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  1. A ordem é díficil de decidir mesmo hein? E é de se pensar mesmo, a gente deveria decidir fazer pelo menos uma coisa por dia (tirando dormir) que nos dá prazer!

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