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6th January, 11pm. Laura screams upstairs, daddy trying to put her back to sleep. We don’t know what else to do. Is she hungry? No. Dirty nappy (not that she cares)? No. Hot? Cold? No. In pain? Don’t know. Sleepy, yes! It’s not one of her I-want-attention cry, it’s more a I’m-desperate-please-do-something scream. Awful. Yesterday was the same thing – she went to bed by 8pm without protesting. By 11pm she was awake, screaming. Ended sleeping in our bed, with Mr. C putting her back in her cot a couple of hours later. The problem is, no matter how little or bad she sleeps, by 7am she is awake. If not before. Not to mention that she still wakes up once, around 3am. And today she only had two 30-minute naps. So, can I say I’m exhausted? So tired I couldn’t talk this morning. So tired I had to sleep with her in the afternoon and I couldn’t believe when she woke up. So exhausted I’m scared to sleep now because she won’t let us sleep.

The health visitor came over this afternoon and said that she shouldn’t be waking up to eat anymore. She should have her milk around 7pm and be able to go all the way until 7am. Ha, dream on. She said I should be able to work this out in a near future. Thing is, Mr. C can’t hear her cry that he runs to check on her. I can’t hear her cry because it drives me crazy. So she cries because she knows she will get one of us eventually. Now how can we just let her cry and scream without really knowing what to do? Think about it: you can’t sleep for whatever reason – wouldn’t it be great if you had somebody next to you to keep you company until you sleep, or just keep you company until it’s time to wake up? Oh dear, must be so hard to be a baby.

Other than that, she is doing ok. The eating “problem” is still a problem, sometimes she eats a bit, sometimes she doesn’t want to eat at all. I tried Brazilian baby food recipes, ready made food, vegetables only, baby rice, fruits only, finger food. She likes finger food, but she doesn’t eat much. And whenever she wants to eat, she won’t have more than 3-4 baby spoons of it. But I made my peace with it – according to the NHS book, babies have different timings and we shouldn’t force feed them; eventually they will decide they want to eat. All I need to do is keep trying and trying different things. So today, tah-dah, she decided she wanted to eat. I gave her ready made food, creamy spinach with cheese-potatoes-and-rice. Tasted like… nothing. She have 20% of the pot for lunch and the other 80% for dinner. It’s a HUGE progress, peoples, because one of these pots can last a week!!!! She also had milk after that. Hungry, hungry. If she didn’t have the same sleeping problem yesterday, I would say that this is why she can’t sleep today – belly full, too full.

Other than that, no teeth, no crawling, but I think pretty soon something will happen. And she is really funny and happy and cute. So curious and smiley. I can’t stop kissing and hugging her.

Oh, and she started swimming lessons. And she loved it. At least the first 25 minutes. The last 5 minutes she was very cold and didn’t enjoy it at all. Great thing about it: her naps were of 1 hour! uhuu!! And she slept well in the evening. This was on Tuesday. So Wednesday and Thursday having problems to sleep.

What else? Hmmm, I think this is all for now.


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