2011, shall we start? Life in pictures


I’m a bit reluctant to start 2011. I want the year to be great and I want it to start great, so I was waiting for some good news to start the year with. And the good news came yesterday, on Mr. C’s front. Good news for him, good news for me. So let’s start 2011!

And let’s start with photos.

The canvas that will go on our bedroom wall

(still waiting some inspiration and patience to hand these on our bedroom – they will be above the bed)

New black rug

The rug was Mr. C’s impulse buy. I think the rug is too small and too black. I mean, the space is quite… black. Anyway, let’s leave it until I find the right carpet.

Baby with the duck she got for Xmas

Little one being herself: cute and curious.

Baby prefers to eat the floor to her food

Our new table is just like us: spacious and messy, but so nice. 🙂

New table on a very messy day - the chairs will be replaced, one day

Little one being herself when she is not being cute and curious. Awwwnnnn. 😦

Happy baby also cries - a lot

Uncle Roberto came in the New Year and this is how she received him. Tsk tsk.

Happy baby wasn't too happy with uncle Roberto

But then she was herself again. Cute and curious and happy.

But then happy baby decided she liked uncle Roberto

And was very happy with him

Having loads of fun

Happy baby playing around

Yesterday we went to Chiswick to visit auntie Mari and cousin Vicky. They were so cute together. 🙂 Laura wanted to huge Vicky (actually, pull her hair was more like it)

Two pink eskimos

The big one is a Lady Kent, the small one is Miss West

They are also known as Laura and Victoria going out on a very cold and windy day

And last but not least, Mr. C’s present. We played a bit today, quite fun and funny! 🙂

Daddy finally opening his (late) Xmas present

What is it? What is it?

Oooh, an Xbox 360!

... and a Kinect! Me happy hubby, yes.


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  1. Yeay, great news on Ciprians front (Mari kinda told me what it was, you have to give me the details later). I think you may be able to make the rug work by moving it forward a little and showing some floor between the sofa and the rug 🙂 And The girls together are really cute indeed!!

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