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(Let’s forget that little one is ill for a moment.)

Just to let you know that Laura is still doing well on the sleep front. Our little baby is becoming a big girl. Awnnn.


Life in pictures


While little one is taking a nap, let me share some photos with you. 🙂 All taken with the new camera, which is way better than I expected. I can take photos of almost to full rooms of the house! Yey! If only I had it before, the before and after would have been much nicer.

Latest news: Laura is ill. Well, coming out of something. She had fever and her nose is blocked, which means that she has been sleeping really badly (and so have we) and eating almost nothing. It breaks my heart to see her like this, especially because I know how hard it is to have nose blocked. I have it almost all my life and am addicted to nose drops. When I was a kid, I barely felt any smells, I used to breath mostly through my mouth. I used to sneeze quite a lot as well – still do. Life was tough, spend many years (about 20) trying all sort of treatments for my allergies and, although I am much better now, I’m still using my nose drops every night. So, I feel for my baby – not only because I’m her mum, but also because I know exactly how she feels.

Good news is that she has no fever. After three days of 38C+ (sometimes 39.5C), she is totally well. Very scared we were. She is taking antibiotics for a week so hopefully after this, her nose (and appetite) will be back to normal.

We’ve placed gates on the stairs, but I have to confess that it feels more dangerous than before, at least for us. I’m always scared of tripping on it and rolling down the steps. Mr. C was the latest victim of our killer stairs, falling on his bum. His is fine, but I was scared to death. Not sure if this is an European thing or just a British thing, but the steps here are made for tiny feet – probably same staircases made 2 centuries ago – and if you’re not extra careful, your foot just goes. To add insult to injury, most stairs have carpets and carpets are a bit slippery. Anyhoo, when visiting us, please be careful.

Oh, photos:

Our little messy nest

Sleepy sleepy

Poorly 😦

Checking my temperature - quite high.

This is not artificial tan, it's food!

Catching some sun- it's good for the bones!

Just before falling asleep

All green

Already sleeping

Protecting our little one

Killer steps

Us in a few weeks time – or for a few months now


I saw this video on a blog and thought it was really funny and cool. I got tired just looking at it though. Friends Eriquinha and Flavinha have already experienced this once and are about to go through it again. Aninha had (and still has her dose). Mari will get there in a few months. We all love our babies and are happily going crazy because of them! 🙂


The new camera arrived!


Mummy tests the camera instead of feeding the baby

Baby likes being photographed

So much fun - better than eating veggies!

We bought a new camera because since we lost the old little cannon in the US, I’ve been taking photos on my mobile. Mr. C’s camera is nice and all, but only him (if that) knows how to operate it and the photos are only good if there’s enough light in the space – even with the flash on. Since we live in England and we don’t get natural light here that often, I had to get a new camera.

I didn’t want anything fancy; just a simple and compact digital camera that I could take with me everywhere, that is easy to operate and take nice pictures. We found a Sony Cyber-shot W350 14,1 mega pixels for 90 pounds – two days later and it’s now costing 120 pounds. The photos above were a few test while Laura was refusing to eating. I didn’t even have to use flash!! Pretty happy with the results, the camera is very easy to use and takes pictures really quick, without taking ages to set the focus like my previous one did. Plus the images are not blurry like with my mobile. I had a Cyber-shot before and wasn’t so impressed with the quality of the photos – Canon had better colours, but I think they’ve improved (or maybe I got used to the crappy photos of my mobile).

One thing not so good is that it doesn’t come with a memory card – and we didn’t notice that in the product description, so I’m using the camera’s memory until the card we bought arrives. We had other memory cards in the house, but they were in the same bag where my camera and cables were. 😦

Oooh, and another good thing is that it films in HD. Can’t wait to test this as well.

Watch this space, peeps.



TV is on. I wasn’t really paying attention (Mr. C was watching Man U vs Whatever) until I saw this bungee jumping site in Switzerland and almost freaked out. Then he started talking about what give us pleasure. Some researches were asking people in the street what give them pleasure and chocolate came out as one of the main things.

I understand why chocolate was highly voted, but it kept me thinking what would be my answer. I love chocolate, fact. I love eating. I love sleeping. I love warm (not hot) sun. I love other things. But what would be my top 10 list of things that give me pleasure? Never thought about it.

And the guy went from bungee jump to chocolate to chilli and now we are talking about sex. I’m curious to see where this is going.

I didn’t see the whole thing – went to bed just after writing this post.

Is not only about moaning


In order not to look like I only complain, here are some good news on the baby sleep front. Since my friend was here and I saw her put her baby to nap so quickly and effortlessly (she just put her in her sleeping bag, give her her blankie, put her in her cot – or travel cot when she is away, and there, in two minutes the girl is asleep even if she doesn’t look tired), I decided to give it a go. This is the same friend that recommended me the book I mentioned in the previous post.

Of course it didn’t work on the first or second days, but with a few tips from the book, I managed to put her in her cot a few times without the usual struggle. I just held her hand softly and off she went into Morpheus’ arms. This was in the evening, and it didn’t mean that she slept all the way through the night. Yesterday I decided to try in her nap times. I left her in her cot, she moaned a bit – not cried, which is completely different! – and in 2 minutes she was sleeping. She did that twice, in the morning and in her late afternoon nap. And today it was the same thing – when I saw signs of sleepiness, I gave her a few cuddles, loads of kisses, changed her nappy, and said “now we are going to have a nap”. Put her in her cot, stayed around a little bit (tiding up her stuff) and left. She was asleep few minutes later. It’s still early days to celebrate, plus today was swimming day and she gets extra tired, but I do celebrate every minute when something goes well.

I decided that I cannot let her cry. I can let her complain, which, again, is different from crying. When Laura cries, she seriously cries. It’s like she is being deeply hurt emotionally. She doesn’t cry that often. She is a moaner, though, just like her mum. So moaning is fine. Sometimes I cannot even tell when she is moaning or chatting in an angrier/more passionate way. If I’m around when she is moaning, she gets calm quite easily. It doesn’t happen when she is crying. When she is crying she needs a hug, she needs soothing words, she needs warm milk (even if she’s not hungry), and it takes longer to calm her down.

I still haven’t finished the book – almost there. But like with all “I’m-going-to-change-your-life” books, you can only use one or two things and discard all the rest. So here are the things I’ve decided to use (for the time being – I might find out in the future that there are better things to try; babies are mutants anyways):

* A blanket or a soft toy for bedtime ONLY. I got her a pink giraffe (cow?) as comfort blanket many months ago and never used it. Since Friday I’ve been putting her to bed with it. She doesn’t mind it.

* All naps and sleep time are now in her cot only. Of course, if we are out and she falls asleep in her pram, I’m not going to wake her up. Same for the car naps and if we spend a whole day out at friends’. But at home, the cot is her sleeping place (I used to put her in our bed when I struggled to put her to sleep).

* I used to let her in her cot awake when I had to do stuff – as a playpen, because it’s the safer place in the house. We now bought gates for the stairs, so no more playing in the cot. As I said, cot is for sleeping only.

* Her bedtime routine is now: bath, quick massage, pyjamas, milk, a little cuddle, bed, starting at 6.30pm, ending at 7, 7-30pm. I always tell her in a soft voice from bath until milk time that it’s time for bed and once we finish (the routine) baby will go to bed and sleep tight. It has been working for 3 nights. She goes to bed very nicely BUT doesn’t mean that she sleeps throughout very nicely. We have had a couple of very difficult nights, but I’m yet to sort this out, one thing at a time.


The book doesn’t consider problems with feeding or sleep-crawling, so implementing things the author suggests is not as easy as it seems. Laura doesn’t take bottles and she is quite messy when drinking from a sippy cup (I wouldn’t even consider giving her night milk in a beaker), not to mention that she doesn’t like formula milk even when she is hungry. So night feeds are still a challenge. And I’m not ready to go cold turkey on that – I still think it’s cruel to let her cry her lungs out when we know that her milk will keep her happy and quiet. Until this is sorted (I’m trying to give her more food during the day so she is less hungry at night), I’ll still get up between one to three times a night to feed her.

Since she started crawling, she has been very mobile in her sleep too. Sometimes she is moaning in the middle of the night and I know exactly what it is: she is on her knees, holding the cot bars and doesn’t know how to get out of this position. She doesn’t cry much in these cases, it’s more a moan here and there, so it’s quite easy to think: “oh, she woke up. oh, she went back to sleep”. Since I learned that it’s not always the case, I get up to see if she is in a comfortable position, which means going to her bedroom another two extra times.

Yes, I do get exhausted in those nights that I get up about 5 to 7 times to check on her, change her position and feed her, but I feel more sorry for her, because she is suffering even more than I am. It breaks my heart to think that my little baby is not having a quiet and cozy night of sleep. But at least we are getting somewhere.

I’ll keep reading books and websites, getting advice from friends (please keep them coming), but I’ll adopt the horoscope approach: I’ll just consider what I think it’s good for us. No complicated solutions, no miraculous formulas, no weird witchcraft. Just simple, doable and painless things.

We have to try everything


A friend of mine recommended me the book The Sleep Sense Program by Dana Obleman to help me with Laura’s bedtime routine. I’m still in chapter 4, but the book has already touched in a very delicate topic: let the baby cry until he/she falls asleep. According to the author, there’s no harm in letting the baby cry for a while, especially when there is nothing wrong with her/him (the baby is clean, fed, not cold or hot, not ill), and it is for a good cause. The damage of consistent bad nights of sleep is worse than a couple of weeks of crying before bedtime.

It’s important though to let the baby know what is happening – she/he needs to know that bedtime is approaching and following the same bedtime routine is very important. I read about this before, but I was never comfortable with the crying, as I mentioned here several times.

Mr. C hates letting her cry and thinks that she will psychologically affected by “rejection”. I just hate baby cry – it annoys me profoundly. I think I can get over the annoyance, but Mr.C already told me that he CANNOT let her cry. So I suggested that he would spend a couple of weeks in Romania while I stay in London trying to educate our little one the good habit of sleeping well through the night.

As I said, I’m still in the beginning of the book – there’s still a lot to come (150 pages to be precise). I’ll keep you posted on this. But I have to go now, she is crying.