A little break


I’m feeling a bit anxious and “energetic” today, like when we have too much caffeine. Not always a good feeling, as sometimes I feel like I need to do something about all this energy and I start going around the house doing stuff without really thinking and pretty quick during Laura’s naps.

After 3 really bad nights of sleep – for the 3 of us – this time I managed to sleep well and even rest. Laura only woke up once and now with the new blinds our room is darker and nicer to sleep in. The cleaner came today, which is always good news, and I managed to wash the pile of clothes we had accumulated for a couple of  weeks. And because I washed the clothes before 5pm, I also managed to dry them. In case you don’t know, our tumble dryer is in the garage, which is at the end of the garden and little me here won’t go outside in the dark and cold just to dry clothes, sorry. During the day, yes, as many time as needed. Trauma, you know? I stepped a few times on snails that come our when is wet and the feeling is disgusting. So no more going out in the garden when I cannot see where I’m stepping on.

It’s quite dark outside already and it looks like it’s going to rain, but at least it’s not freezing. Actually we could say it’s warm, with temperatures between 3 and 5C, especially when compared to the previous days. And the rain washed away all the rest of the snow and ice that insisted in making the sidewalks dangerous to walk on. I still haven’t found the courage to go out for a walk though. If the sky was clear, I would have.

And last but not least, we had a massive step backwards in the weaning chapter. I spent half a day preparing nice homemade meals for Laura and she simple doesn’t want to eat anything anymore, not even the stuff she used to like. But I decided I’m not going to stress out anymore. I’ll keep trying to give her food, everyday, different times a day. Whatever she eats, great. At least she is still drinking her milk.


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  1. Eu detesto sair no escuro pra colocar o lixo pra fora, mas mais por medo das raposas, haha. A gente nao tem snail aqui ainda, mas nessa epoca pode ficar tranquila, elas atacam mais depois do verao 🙂

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