Tomorrow is Christmas eve. In Brazil we celebrate Christmas the night before, with a nice dinner and opening the presents around midnight. We are going to Mari & Gui’s to celebrate with them. The weather has improved a bit and the roads are not so bad anymore.

I’m typing this on my Christmas present. Mr. C got me a MacBook. I always wanted one, but never had the courage to buy one. You know when you keep thinking if it is worth all the money? During the year at uni I worked on a Mac and although a bit hard in the beginning, I loved it. But I’m not a designer, I’m not a video maker, so I couldn’t justify getting one. Hubby decided I should go back to video editing, especially now that we have our little one. The laptop is still empty with only the extremely basic softwares, but at least I have no excuses not to play with my old hobby again.

Shelves are done. Books are up (not organized though). Table and bench assembled. Blinds will soon be replaced. Slowly but surely our home looks less messy and more homey. Still a long way to go, but I like it this way.

Going back to work on the 1st of July. I’ll have only 6 days left in 2011 after that.

Laura turned 7 months yesterday. She gets cuter by the day. And she is such a happy girl. I think it compensates for the fact that she doesn’t like to sleep that much. She is eating better too. Far from ideal, but it’s ok. Flavinha gave me some tips of food and today I prepared two dishes and froze the meals for the week. She tried one today and ate a bit, not much. We are struggling to give her 3 meals a day – today she skipped breakfast, had lunch and just 1/3 of her dinner. I got her some vitamin drops for her and some capsules for me. I haven’t been eating that well and since she is still breastfeeding, she is relying on me to get the nutrients she needs.

Life is good, can’t complain. Yes I can, I wish it wasn’t so cold, coz now Mr. C thinks he is coming down with something.


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