How to be a better person – part I


New Year normally puts us to think about our lives, what we want to do in the future, where we want to be, and what we can do to make the world a better place. Ok, not everybody really think about the latter, but we should, shouldn’t we?

“Small” things like reclycing your rubbish, complaining to the council when the service is not good, writing to the candidate you voted for if he/she is not following his/her promises, helping an old person to cross the road, cleaning the snow of your pathway are big enough.

Here are other “small” things that might make a difference in the future of our kids, grandkids and the others:

* Volunteer work – the best way to help is donating your time and skills. There are several places to work as a volunteer, from driving elderly to places, to giving dogs a bath, just find one that suits you. Not everybody has the time and/or skills (like me, although this is an excuse of a lazy girl), so I try to go on another path, which is:

* Donations – I’m sponsoring Peter, an 8 year old boy from Zimbabwe, via ActionAid. ActionAid uses my donation to improve Peter’s life and help his community. From time to time, they send me a report on what they are doing with the money, and I also receive letters from Peter. The reckon that 5 years is enough to improve Peter’s community and give them the means to be self-suficient (not only give them the fish, but also teach them how to fish kinda thing). Then I can choose if I want to sponsor another child or stop for good (I can actually stop sponsoring whenver I want to). There are millions of organisations like ActionAid, and several causes to embrance. Some donations start from as little as 2 pounds a month (honestly, what is 2 pounds a month/24 pounds a year when you know that you will make a difference in the life of a child, an elderly, an abandoned animal, or help with Cancer research?);

* Run for Life! I have a few friends that went on 5K and 10K runs to raise money for charity, most of the for Cancer Research. It’s a great way to be fit – taking care of yourself is also part of being a better person – and also help a good cause;

* Don’t dump, donate! If you are getting new furniture to your house, don’t dump the old stuff – it might look good in someone else’s home. Up to now, most of our furniture were gived by friends, who moved to smaller homes or to other countries and couldn’t take stuff with them. Since we are getting new stuff for our new home, we are giving the old stuff away. In the US and the UK there are websites like Freecycle and Gumtree, where you can advertise your stuff and people come and collect them. Freecycle, as the name says, it’s only for free stuff. Gumtree can be for both. And if your stuff are too good to give away, sell it on eBay or Amazon. And also you can use these sites to buy things. Some stuff don’t really need to be brand new, like garden furniture, shelves for your garage, a bicycle you will only use once in a lifetime…

There are many other “small” things we can do, just keep an eye on the options and opportunities. I know I don’t do enough, so I’m not trying to tell you what to do. This is just a reminder to myself that there are loads more I can and should do and that I show little Laura ways to look after her world.

Inspired by Meytal’s post: I urge you to reconsider your consumption habits


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