“Owwwnn” moment


I’m totally in love with my baby, but there are some moments and things she does that make me extra super in love, if this is possible:

* Her face after a good feed, half asleep. It’s like “thanks, mum, that was so tasty, and your arms are so cozy, I’m going to… ZZzzzzz”

* When she falls asleep on her own. I love putting her to sleep, when she is not fighting against it, but when she falls asleep makes me think: “awn, my baby is growing up…”

* When she sleeps in my arms – she has this peaceful face and it’s like she knows that she can sleep deeply that now she is safe and with her mommy next to her.

* Her cheeky face when we hug and kiss her, and when we kiss her neck. She likes being hugged and kissed but she also knows we like kissing and hugging her.

* How she looks so curious when people are talking and then chats back at them, like she is giving her opinion about the topic. And sometimes she “chats” and laughes afterwards, sort of “I’m so funny, don’t you think?”.

* How she laughes when we laugh even if we are not laughing at/with her.

* How she opens the biggest smile in the world and gets all excited when we get in her room. She stops crying immediately.

* Her “busted” face and smile when we say “Laura!” if she is doing something naughty/funny or playing on her own.

* That one is “new”: how she diggs her face in my neck when she is sleepy and when she diggs her face in my chest (if I’m holding upright) when she is hungry.

* Her laughter when she notice something new – decoration in her room, her toys on the chest of drawer, a new toy, Christmas tree. It’s a proper “hahahaha” laugh.

* How she gets tired when she is on her tummy – but can’t turn back to her back – and just lay down there waiting for somebody to rescue her (or falls asleep, whichever comes first).


Being a mother is an extremely hard task, requires a lot of patience and hard work, and even some tears, but it’s so worth it. I’ve been around loads of babies before and they are all the cutest loving babies, but having the opportunity of living with your own 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, watching them grow, develop, learn, noticing the similarities between your baby and you and the father, getting all the best smiles – it’s just priceless.


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