And the weekend is here!


Hubby at home, shelves almost done, table arriving tomorrow (no chairs yet), chat with good friends on Sunday (weather permitting). Exciting!

The shelves are looking good – I won’t post photos now, because they are still with the masking tapes to protect the walls, the paint is still wet and will get another coat tomorrow, the books are all over the place, the living/dining room is a mess. But soon-ish you will see the difference. It might not be the perfect solution – there’s no perfect solution in my world – but it was the best solution we could get (considering the odd space and budget) and looks much better than it was.

I’m hoping the table will look good too. It’s hard to picture how the space will look like without the actual object, but since Mr. C and I never have high hopes for these things, we usually end up being positively surprised. Let’s hope it’s the case again.

I’m just like a child on Christmas Eve, counting the hours for Santa to bring my presents. I can’t even sleep. đŸ˜€


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