I confess


I like dressing Laura in bigger clothes so she looks smaller and still a tiny baby. I’m having trouble admiting that she is closer to 1 year old than to a newborn now.


Don’t want my baby to grow…


I also confess that I felt sad today when I realized that in theory I was supposed to go back to work on 9th of February. In theory because I chose, back when I was still pregnant and working, that I was going to take only 9 months maternity leave + 16 days holidays from 2010 – so back to work in the begining of March. In theory because, thankgoodness, I can change my mind as long as I give 8 weeks notice to HR. I did today and will have a final chat on Monday. I’m taking the 3 extra month (unpaid), plus my 16 days and maybe even a bit more, since I have another 27 days for 2011. The idea is to go back to work when my mum comes for her annual visit, mid-June, so Laura only goes to childcare mid-July.

I wasn’t ready to go back to work in March. Nono.


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  1. Great that you can have all this time off! There’s nothing like this in Brazil and I’m sure many mothers from here envy you (luckly no me, since I’ve decided to take a break to look after my children’s first years after 15 years working)!
    But how is childcare there? Have you seen any daycare centers you like? I love Lia’s school and so does she! There’s not much to learn, but she gets lots of smiles and caring arms! She’s learned some songs and dancing, and I think she’s also more “talkative”! Well, you still don’t have to worry for another semester!

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