Everyday is like Sunday…


Not really. For me everyday is like Monday. Can you imagine being trapped in a life full of Mondays? I even get lost in time. I had to think hard to find out that today is actually Wednesday. Such a happy Wednesday that feels like Friday.

Our MOT (vistoria in Brazil, not sure what they call it in the US and other countries but it’s basically the mandatory annual check up of cars) expired a few days ago and we forgot about it. Yesterday we booked an appointment for today and it’s all done, much cheaper than we expected (we were honestly expecting to pay a couple of hundred pounds – old car, expensive neighbourhood). Laura behaved really well and even slept half way through. I was relaxed driving both ways, despite some icy roads.

My Amazon shopping arrived while I was getting here. I’m testing Amazon’s new baby product service – they now sell nappies, baby food and other similar stuff that they didn’t use to. The price is pretty much the same as the big grocers, but they didn’t charge for delivery. I also got her three toys for Christmas. So all we need now is a Christmas tree. 🙂

We also collected the high chair at Tesco. I wasn’t sure about buying one – I’m very aware of not buying to many unnecessary crap, first because we already have too many things that we don’t use and only occupy space, second because I don’t like wasting money. I’m ok with spending money, not wasting. But then I was struggling to feed her on the bouncers, so I thought that a high chair was going to be of help. Plus it was practically free – I used the Tesco vouchers I had and they had an offer to double the amount of money, so I didn’t really have to pay anything. Laura loved it. She was all excited with the new news, and mummy was happy with the purchase. Shit, I just remembered that I bought a little bath toy with that, and forgot completely about it and didn’t collect this one. Will have to go back there tomorrow.

I also arranged with the carpenter to make the shelves for the living/dining room. He will start in a week from now and I’m so excited about it. I can’t wait to have the books organised and resume my “project”, as Mr. C calls it.  So I’m hoping to have some nice photos of the progress of the living/dining area before Christmas to share with you all.

Today I also got the confirmation of a tax company that I have some tax refund to receive back from 2006 when I was temping. It’s so good when we have unexpected money coming our way. Not much, not even confirmed (it’s down to the Income & Revenue people to set the final amount) but I’m happy with whatever I get. I might pay for the shelves.

And last but not least, I got a “present” from work: the company gave to all employees 2 extra days holidays, that will be included in my 2011 days. So for 2011 I will have 44 working days holidays to take, which is about 2 months paid! 😀

Happy, happy, happy!


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