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A little break


I’m feeling a bit anxious and “energetic” today, like when we have too much caffeine. Not always a good feeling, as sometimes I feel like I need to do something about all this energy and I start going around the house doing stuff without really thinking and pretty quick during Laura’s naps.

After 3 really bad nights of sleep – for the 3 of us – this time I managed to sleep well and even rest. Laura only woke up once and now with the new blinds our room is darker and nicer to sleep in. The cleaner came today, which is always good news, and I managed to wash the pile of clothes we had accumulated for a couple of  weeks. And because I washed the clothes before 5pm, I also managed to dry them. In case you don’t know, our tumble dryer is in the garage, which is at the end of the garden and little me here won’t go outside in the dark and cold just to dry clothes, sorry. During the day, yes, as many time as needed. Trauma, you know? I stepped a few times on snails that come our when is wet and the feeling is disgusting. So no more going out in the garden when I cannot see where I’m stepping on.

It’s quite dark outside already and it looks like it’s going to rain, but at least it’s not freezing. Actually we could say it’s warm, with temperatures between 3 and 5C, especially when compared to the previous days. And the rain washed away all the rest of the snow and ice that insisted in making the sidewalks dangerous to walk on. I still haven’t found the courage to go out for a walk though. If the sky was clear, I would have.

And last but not least, we had a massive step backwards in the weaning chapter. I spent half a day preparing nice homemade meals for Laura and she simple doesn’t want to eat anything anymore, not even the stuff she used to like. But I decided I’m not going to stress out anymore. I’ll keep trying to give her food, everyday, different times a day. Whatever she eats, great. At least she is still drinking her milk.


And 2010 is gone!


Boy, you gotta love the internet and free tutorials! I could stay here for days just playing with silly stuff (there are some very complex stuff that I won’t even get near). As you can see, I’m just playing with the same photo (I haven’t copied my photos to this laptop yet).

So what has happened in 2010?

You know the “basics”:

I got married in April, after 4 1/2 years dating Mr. C. I thought that we didn’t need to get married officially to be married, but to be very honest I’m glad we did. It was a simple ceremony, decided and organized in two weeks, but it was very special. The day was warm and sunny, Laura was in my belly “witnessing” everything. As for my life with Mr. C it changed. We are more mature, we are stronger, we have extra fuel for jokes (we were lacking some marriage jokes in our repertoire).

We bought a house and got the keys in May. It’s a pretty scary thing to do in the UK, because the houses are very expensive (not worth the money, I tell you) and it’s hard to know what you are buying. The houses are not as solid as the ones I’m used to, they are old and rooms are weird sized. Not to mention that they are not big fans of bathrooms here. So we went for the one that our hearts said to go, but that our minds also approved. It’s not perfect – the wooden floor underneath the carpet is all loose, the bathroom floor is not solid, so if you are in the kitchen and someone is having a shower, you can hear the water falling very clear, the stair steps are very narrow and if you are not careful, you can easily slip, like I did, twice – but it’s the best we found and it’s ours. Now it’s a matter of making it look like our home.

Baby Laura was born in May, 6 days after her due date. I loved the whole experience, the pregnancy, the birth, and I miss both. Our tiny baby – as predicted by the scans – wasn’t in the end as tiny as they said she was going to be. She is just the right size. And healthy, happy, active, curious, funny. And we found out that having a child is not like having a new toy. It’s the hardest job I ever had. And the most well paid as well. And I learned what is to love someone like we never thought it was possible, what is to miss someone so deeply when she is only next door sleeping, what is to have loads of fun with very simple stuff, what is not want to sleep just to keep an eye on her. And although my body is deformed, I’m all in pain, I’m exhausted and looking awful, we still think about having another two.

We had visitors over and we visit family and friends. We (Laura and I) went on two long haul flights. We had friends leaving and being missed. I got closer to some people. I met new people that might become my friend, who knows? I learned to bake brownie. I saw a lot of snow and am even more certain that I LOVE the sun and warmth more than cold. I started enjoying home decor/interior design. I learned to be less anxious. I learned I cannot control everything. I have a my 1st Christmas tree in 8 years. I got my first Mac. I bought stuff I don’t need. I wrote loads of posts. I cried a lot. I laughed a lot. I got my PMS back. And my spots. I saw Brazil being kicked out of the World Cup (again). I have loads of plans for 2011 and beyond (including learn to use Photoshop and other Mac softwares). I’m tired and going to bed. Nighty night!

Tah dah!

New hobby


Now that I have a Mac, I HAVE to learn to use photoshop. I’m not very creative, but there are some things that you can just do without much inspiration, right? It’s not like I’ll make a living out of it, but at least I will be able to upload some nicer photos. And maybe I’ll be able to create a new template that doesn’t other existing templates. 🙂

I don’t have any books or am attending courses, it will be all online. And I’ll start with very simple stuff because they take last time to do/learn. Here is my first little exercise – I didn’t even have the chance to improve the quality of the photo (taken with the computer’s camera last night).

First silly exercise

Merry Christmas!!


25th December NOTHING, I said NOTHING, works in the UK. No supermarket, no shops, no public transportation, NOTHING. So you have to stay in, which with the freezing temperatures outside it’s not a bad idea.

Yesterday we went to Mari & Gui’s to celebrate Christmas eve with them. With two babies in the house, of course the party had to finish early.

Here is our little Mama Claus in the very beginning of the evening.

Merry Christmas!!



Tomorrow is Christmas eve. In Brazil we celebrate Christmas the night before, with a nice dinner and opening the presents around midnight. We are going to Mari & Gui’s to celebrate with them. The weather has improved a bit and the roads are not so bad anymore.

I’m typing this on my Christmas present. Mr. C got me a MacBook. I always wanted one, but never had the courage to buy one. You know when you keep thinking if it is worth all the money? During the year at uni I worked on a Mac and although a bit hard in the beginning, I loved it. But I’m not a designer, I’m not a video maker, so I couldn’t justify getting one. Hubby decided I should go back to video editing, especially now that we have our little one. The laptop is still empty with only the extremely basic softwares, but at least I have no excuses not to play with my old hobby again.

Shelves are done. Books are up (not organized though). Table and bench assembled. Blinds will soon be replaced. Slowly but surely our home looks less messy and more homey. Still a long way to go, but I like it this way.

Going back to work on the 1st of July. I’ll have only 6 days left in 2011 after that.

Laura turned 7 months yesterday. She gets cuter by the day. And she is such a happy girl. I think it compensates for the fact that she doesn’t like to sleep that much. She is eating better too. Far from ideal, but it’s ok. Flavinha gave me some tips of food and today I prepared two dishes and froze the meals for the week. She tried one today and ate a bit, not much. We are struggling to give her 3 meals a day – today she skipped breakfast, had lunch and just 1/3 of her dinner. I got her some vitamin drops for her and some capsules for me. I haven’t been eating that well and since she is still breastfeeding, she is relying on me to get the nutrients she needs.

Life is good, can’t complain. Yes I can, I wish it wasn’t so cold, coz now Mr. C thinks he is coming down with something.