6 months today!


Little Laura is celebrating 6 months today. Yey! Well, not so yey. We had a horrid night yesterday (blame it on the brocolli – I knew these green stuff cannot be good for you, me and all the babies in the world), didn’t want to sleep although sleepy, and in the end we gave up and she slept in our bed, from midnight to 5am (when I moved her to the moses basket next to me – it’s small but still useful). Not sure about dad, but mum can’t sleep well with a baby next to her – reasons are: Laura sleeps with her arms and legs wide open, taking the space of an adult in bed, thankfully we have a king size bed; I keep waking up to see if she is ok; I don’t move the whole night to avoid rolling over her; I keep having weird dreams/nightmares; and the list goes on.

And she woke up for good at 7am and has been screaming for a long time. The only times she stopped were when she was in her tummy, looking around. For 5 minutes. She was sleepy, very sleepy, but didn’t want to sleep except in my arms (and I’m out of this phase, sorry), so it took her a couple of hours and some warm milk to calm her down and put her to nap. And she will wake up in 30 minutes if I’m lucky. :-S

Laundry and mess is pilling up that it’s not even worth trying to take a nap myself.


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  1. Congrats to your little one (and to the parents also)! Six months is a milestone! She’ll now eat solids – and she’ll learn to like them all, she’ll interact more and demand more! LOL But in a good way, I believe!
    About sleeping, we don’t really have a pattern, but I can tell you that once in every ten days or so, Lia doesn’t sleep well. Hope it’s the same 4 you, so you’ll have 9 good nights ahead!

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