News from the Limbo


We bought – in record time – a fridge-freezer online that was delivered today. Yes, Sunday. Almost 7pm!

Our stupid fridge died on us, and we spent a week without one. Can you image someone living without a fridge these days?!?!?! We did and it was sad.

The new fridge is not the ideal (the fidge is bigger than the previous one, but the freezer is smaller – I’m not a big fan of those fridge-freezer, I prefer the individual things, but no space in kitchen for two items), but will do the trick. And it fits in the “cupboard”.

The tumble dryer (did I say we bought a tumble dryer? Yes, we did!) will be delivered on Tuesday. YEY!! Tumble dryer in winter rocks.

P.S.: Jack Black sucks.


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