At least she tried


Today Laura had for the very first time the taste of something other than milk. Well, she tastes everything she can get hold of: toys, labels, glasses, our faces, and even the floor. This was the first time that she ate something.

It’s so obvious that she is 50% me and 50% Mr. C. She made the same face I make when I eat something awful, like broccoli for example. Bit like her dad, she kept eating it even without enjoying it. That’s our girl!

Oh, we are following the the weaning programme by the book, and according to the book we should introduce food very gradually, one type at a time, and just the tip of the spoon on the first two days, a full spoon on the following two days, and so on. Individual vegetables, then mixed, then with baby rice… proper meals from month 7.

Conclusion: Too much trouble for just a tip of a spoon, but worth the faces. hehe Here are the videos:

Trying broccoli

Trying apple


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