Until I get the/new cables…


I won’t be able to get the newest videos and photos, so here are some oldies.

This one was filmed in California, little Laura testing the quality of the nappies.

This one was at home – in London – doing one of the things she enjoyed the most until we got back from the US. She just doesn’t do the plurrrrrrttttt anymore. Maybe it’s the jet lag.

And finally, this one was filmed in Brazil, when she was mastering the art of rolling on her tummy. Mind you, she still cannot turn back on her back. Is this normal?? Will she crawl before she can turn on her back? Mystery….


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  1. “Isn’t she lovely
    Isn’t she wonderful
    Isn’t she precious…”
    Stevie Wonder knows it all, Laura rocks!
    She’ll turn back on her back unpurposely, and probably start crawling soon – even before being back on her back! Now that you asked it, I don’t think Lia can be back on her back up to today! Lol!

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