On jet lag, teething, sleepless nights, friends, more babies and films!


I started writing this post yesterday evening, but couldn’t finish it for many reasons. Mainly because we thought that Laura was going to sleep when she woke up screaming and didn’t go to bed – for good – several hours later. The content of the post will change slightly thanks to this evening, but in essence it’s about the same.


8 hours behind. If for an adult it’s hard enough to adjust the biological clock to the new time, imagine for an almost 6 months old baby. She is having a hard time to sleep and so are we. She feels sleepy and her eyes want to close but her brain says otherwise, so she fights with all her strength against it. It’s so tiring.

I didn’t sleep on the plane – I was tired and sleepy, but I simply couldn’t. Just like Laura – the difference is that I CAN and WILL (if I’m allowed to) sleep during the day for a couple of hours to recover. I didn’t sleep the day before yesterday, because Laura didn’t sleep. The only way she would sleep was in my arms and I still don’t master the technique of sleeping with a baby in my arms. She finally slept on her own around 1-2am, but woke up several times in the middle of the night. I even gave up letting her sleep for the very first time in her bedroom and took her to the moses basket next to our bed – she barely fit in it, but it was easier this way.

I was ready to have another sleepless night – no, not ready, but expecting it – as she wasn’t really falling asleep that easy. But by midnight she finally slept – in her bed, in her bedroom. And the BIG SURPRISE EVER: she didn’t wake up even to eat! She went all the way through to 8am. Ok, she woke up twice, but I didn’t even had to go to her – she went back to sleep on her own, a minute later. I so treasure moments like this! They make me think that motherhood is actually amazing, the best thing ever and – I dare say – almost easy. I guess that’s why these moments are rare. haha Because yes, motherhood is amazing, being a mother is magical but it’s far from easy.

Mr. C thinks that Laura’s screaming crisis at night can also be related to teething. According to experts (mum, dad, aunts, neighbours, friends, strangers) she’s been teething for quite a while now, at least a month. All based on the amount of drooling and biting. And now she is biting even more and harder. But no signs of a tooth coming out. She’s turning 6 months next Monday and I’m still not sure if we will see a little white tooth popping out before that.

Back to the brilliant night we had, it’s funny how my body doesn’t let me sleep as much as I want. I was up by 7am, checking on Laura every 5 minutes (not to mention the times I got up in the middle of the night to make sure she was covered and warm – and breathing) until 8am when she finally woke up. I did try to force myself back to sleep but I couldn’t. At least I don’t feel deadly exhausted like yesterday.

My great friend Leo is in town and came for a visit yesterday. I loved it and miss him already. Laura gave him so many huge smiles – she was such in a good mood, despite the little sleep, and was all charming. He took some beautiful pictures of her but I forgot to save them on the computer. So, not this time, folks.

Speaking of great friends, lately I’ve been missing my friends more than usual. Not only the real friends – the ones I know for long, used to go to the cinemas with, had lunch/dinner, chatted on the phone, etc etc, but also the ones I have more contact online – and even the ones I’ve never met. I know it might sound weird and spooky, but it’s the kind of “missing” like when you know you will die or when you’ve been through a traumatic situation – i.e. a serious accident – and want to catch up with everybody. No, I’m not dying and not planning to and I didn’t go through any traumatic situation lately, but I have the urge of talking, seeing, meeting everybody whose path crossed mine in any way. I dreamt about it – that I had book a round-the-world trip to meet with every person I could think of: all the folks in the US, Australia, NZ, Thailand, Japan, Europe and Brazil. Maybe it’s because I can’t do that? Maybe it’s because after two long haul flights I think I can do anything? Maybe it’s because life is too short even if I live another 100 years?

Since I can’t go around the world anytime soon, let’s focus on what I can do this week. I’m going to visit my little niece Victoria, who was born on the 12 november, and her mum Mari and her dad Gui. I don’t have real blood related nieces and nephews, so I picked some friends’ children to fill the gap. Little Gabriel is in Sao Paulo, and I couldn’t meet him in person yet. Little Vicky is in the Wild Wild West of London, which makes things to much easier. I can’t wait to hold her in my arms and give her a cuddle. This Saturday it is.

And there’s another baby to come in 2010 – little Andre! His parents live in Miami, so it’s not like I’ll be able to see him that often, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to pay them visit next year.


It’s playing Single Ladies on the radio and this reminds me of Sex and the city 2. I started watching the film on the plane but couldn’t finish it. I was a bit reluctant to watch it – not a big fan and had better things to watch – but I did in the end. But BA cut it short for me with all that endless chat about the weather in London, thanks for travelling with us, bla bla bla. When I saw, we were about to land and no more film for me. But there will be a separate post for the films. Especially because Laura woke up and is rehearsing to cry very loud.


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  1. Chris

    Welcome back home! Happy to hear about Baby Laura’s long sleep…I know I’ll soon be waiting for this to happen! Hopefully she will be sleeping more and more each night now that she’s a 6-month “grown up” 🙂
    We miss you and will be keen to see you next year when you come to visit!!!

    Say hi to Cipri and take care!

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