Breath in, breath out


I’m glad I decided to end my year a bit early, because whatever is happening now won’t count for the balance od 2010. Limbo days are being cruel.

We got home to a freezing weather. Ok, expected and accepted (or at least I pretend to accept it). The house was closed for three weeks and the heating wasn’t on for the period, so you can image how cold it was. It took more than 24 hours to warm up to a decent temperature (20C). It’s ok now and we are not freezing.

Then we found out that the fridge and freezer aren’t working!!! Yes, you read correctly. No fridge, no freezer, no time to sort this out either. I mean, we want to unplug it to see if there’s solution as the light of the fridge is working, but it’s one of those that are in a cupboard and needs to be unscrewed and removed to be able to see the electrical socked.

And what about a lost bag with all the cables we had: blackberry USB cable, video camera cable and charger, my photo camera and charger, USB reader, Mr. C’s camera USB cable. Gone. Like that. I called all the hotels and there’s nothing in their lost and found. I have dreams that the bag is lost in the luggages, somewhere I haven’t looked yet.

Yes, the luggages are still to be undone. More than half of them are with dirty clothes. I think I have enough clothes for 5 washings, at least, because I still have the ones from Brazil and Mr. C’s ones from when I was in Brazil, and all the bedding and towels.

Let’s try something positive? Yes, let’s. We bought a tumble dryer! Uhuu! So I’ll wait for it before I start with the washing.

So tick Tumble Dryer and add Fridge/Freezer to the Limbo To Do List. Fun. Not.


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