We survived the way back!



The way back was much easier less difficult than the way there. It was a night flight and Laura sleeps well at night. The flight departed at 11pm, her bed time is usually 9pm, maximum. So she was very very sleepy by the time we were in the plane. She didn’t sleep through the whole night as she uses to, she ate sereval times but small portions, she cried a bit, and screamed a lot. And although it was easier, I will never hope I don’t have to repeat the experience again.

I have to put it in writing: women with babies are much better treated in Brazil than here. And we have priority in queues, including the immigration/passport control one. On my way back, I not only got priority to board the plane (on the way here, I had to “jump” the queue to board – nobody complained, but nobody let me go either), but also got someone to help me with my bags all the way to my seat. Not to mention that people were very nice, especially when they saw I was travelling alone. The changing room at the airport in Rio is quite nice as well – babies and children can even have a bath/shower if needed. Shame that there’s only one at Terminal 1.

And now that I’ve travelled both ways, I can say: premium economy is useless if you are travelling with a baby. All the cot seats in the plane have the extra leg room (maybe not much space on the sides) and if you have the fexibility to travel whenever you want, choose low season and midweek flights. In the economy, the arm support goes up and if you are lucky to have empty seats next to you, you will get yourself a bed. The same doesn’t happen in premium economy, so even if you have an empty seat next to you, it will be for your bags. So save some extra pounds in the ticket for another trip (or nappies, toys, liposuction).

Next Sunday we are flying to Los Angeles – a new experience, since Mr. C is coming along. We will have to take more stuff with us (mum had car seat, stroller, bath tub, and nappies for us, and gave us her bed to sleep in). I didn’t use the baby carrier that much, because there was always someone wanting to hold her, but I will take it with me to the US. I’m half way packed.

P.S.: I took too many nappies again. I guess 10 is more than enough for this flight.

Watch that space for more on travelling with a baby.


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