Mission postponed


I was thinking about putting Laura to sleep in her cot when we got back from Brazil, but I gave up. I know it’s mean to let the poor baby sleep in a very tight moses basket after 3 weeks sleeping in a huge (for her) bed, but I’m not in the mood to wake up in the middle of the night and get her in the room next door to feed and then put her back to sleep. The rocking chair is in the living room and there’s not seats in her bedroom. Plus, the house is cold and next to me I can at least check on her without getting out of my warm bed.

But she will have to go to her room when we’re back – there’s no way she will fit in the basket without jumping out of it!

Our return to London will be full of news: she will also start eating food! I’m so looking forward and also not looking forward. Of course I’m curious and excited to see how she will react to all sort of (baby) food, but I know it will be extra work for me, having to cook tasteless food for babies. I don’t like to cook food I don’t like to eat(*). I can smell challenge ahead.

(*) The ‘policy’ here is too avoid salt and sugar in babies’ food until at least 1 year old. Can you image how delicious (not) a salmon with cheese and broccoli puree tastes without NO salt or spice? Yuk.


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