I was chatting to my aunt this afternoon about having pets for the kids. I’m a bit embarrassed to confess that I have no intention to get a pet for Laura. I know it’s good for the kids to grow up with animals, blah blah, but here are my reasons:

1) I like dogs. I don’t mind cats as long as they are not in the house. I don’t care about any other pets – birds, hamsters, turtles, rabbits, fish. All very boring.

2) I had loads of pets when I was a kid: many dogs, parrots, rabbits, white mice, guinea pigs, turtles, tortoise, monkeys. They are all fun to play with, but a pain to take care of. Do you think I cleaned them? Nopes. Do you think I will clean them if we ever get pets? Nopes.

3) If Laura is any similar to her parents, she will love animals, but will hate looking after them. 

4) I like to have the freedom to travel without really caring who’s going to feed the pet. I don’t like the idea of asking friends to do that. Firstly because our best friends live far away, secondly because I think it’s a pain to ask them that.

5) I don’t like the smell of animals. Very few animals don’t have any smell. I’m sure ours would have.

So, little Laura, if you ever read this blog in the future, the answer is No, no pets allowed.


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