Life in pictures

I found out yesterday that the camera was configure to take low res pictures. I have some very cute photos, but won’t be able to print them out in a decent size. Stoopid!I’m a bit lost on what to post, what to write, but since pictures are always popular, here we go:

Autie Lili and uncle Leo were here to meet Laura and hug me (yuppi hey). Lucky us, we have loads of babysitter to look after Laura, so we managed to go out to have an ice cream and chat and catch some sun and take some underwater pictures.


MUA! Kiss, kiss, with auntie Lili

 Laura loves water! Thankgoodness – and I hope it will be like this forever. The first week I was doing the whole thing, but then I handled the task to Penha. She was my babysitter and has been living in my mum’s house since I was 1 year old. Needless to say that she was thrilled to take care of my little one, thirty-somthing years later. Penha was an angel and thanks to her, I could sleep until 10am on the last days.

I don't have a rubber duck, I have a rubber turtle


I’m a hoodie


Pillows, love them all!


Mommy's hair-thingy became a bracelet - and I put it myself, nobody knows how

With my grandaddy

Even with all the mosquito bites, I don't stop smiling

Wearing mommy's dress


2 responses »

  1. Aaaaaah, even though they re low quality they re so nice!
    Happy to see Lili finally hugging her!
    Vicky has the same turtle!
    Isn t it cute your mum kept your clothes…

  2. Finally finally!!! =D And I miss her already!!! And Chris as well, of course. And also you, Mari!!! I’m gonna hug little Victoria next year, count on that!!! XXXXXXX

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