Not that easy


Baby Laura was born on a very hot weekend, and spent 10 days in our old – and very warm – flat, so it’s not like she isn’t used to some heat. But she is not constantly exposed to warm temperatures as someone leaving in a “normal” country is. By normal I mean, with summer for more than 2 weeks and temperatures around 35C+.

And Brazil is quite warm and humid – it can be warm even in winter. In that sense, Brazil might not be a “normal” country either, as there isn’t winter in some areas.

The thing is we are both suffering. I read that it’s easier to get used to cold temperatures than to the heat, so I’m not used to this hot weather anymore. But I know how to get cool – cold swimming pool, cold shower, air con, sleep with wet hair and fan on me… all those things that seem to be really wrong to do. But I can’t do these things to Laura – maybe if she was born here, I would. I mean, how local babies survive summer here?? So I don’t sleep with my hair wet and the fan on me because we are sharing a bed. I don’t want her to get sick. It would be my worst nightmare!!

Carmen: how do you do with the kids in Thailand? I’ve seen photos of baby Sofia in a swimming pool since very young. Cold water? Was she ok with that?


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  1. Jonas has been to the swimming pool here in London a couple of times, apparently with no problems. Next week we’ll be in Rio and my mum has already bought a new air con FOR HIM (not for me, of course!). There’s absolutely no way we’re sleeping without it! And he’ll go to the pool as well. I think you should just go for it, she’ll be fine!

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