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Life in pictures


3 x 4

I wasn’t going to post these photos, because the actual thing was nicer than the images. Laura is now sitting without support – very wobbly, but still – and this afternoon I put her on my belly. She was laughing so much with the whole situation that I had to take pictures. Unfortunately I didn’t take the best parts and the photos are a bit out of focus (I was afraid of her falling down).

Anyhoo. Grandparents will love it, even if out of focus.

See you tomorrow!


Americans vs British and I’m not a boy, dude


We’re having a great time here, despite the jet lag (waking up at 2am is not fun at all, but it’s not as bad as I thought it would be – blame it on the sunshine!) and being in the “middle of nowhere”.

Sometimes the difference between Americans and British can be huge. British people like privacy and respect others’ privacy. They will be nice to you if you talk to them, if you need them, if you make contact, but rarely they will make the first movement. They might smile to your baby, might even say “she’s adorable”, but not much more than this. Ok, I got some very warm approaches in the supermarket where I live, but I guess it’s because I live in the countryside. Or because the British are not as reserved as they wish they were. Or maybe because people change, especially when you have so many foreigners invading visiting your country.

I’m not complaining about the British way of being, especially because, as I said above, I had some very warm conversations with random strangers on the street. But truth is the Americans are way more warm and friendly than the British. I guess I’ve been living in the UK for too long and am no longer used to this friendly gestures and small talks. I got embarrassed several time because I was being “British” and keeping a low profile. But you can’t help feeling good when people approach your baby saying that she is “lovely, adorable, cootchie-cootchie, so smart and beautiful and lots of nice things”. If you are a mum, you know you love your child, but you want people to likeĀ  her too. Even if you don’t say it or admit it. Even when you know they are exagerating.

I went to the swimming pool this morning – the sun was not too strong and since it was before 10am, it’s healthy for baby Laura. On my way to the pool, one of the managers of the hotel stopped me to chat. Thanks to Laura. The guy has 7 grandchildren (and I’m yet to ask if they are all from the same parents) and all living in Brazil!! What a coincidence! Now whenever he sees me (three times since then), he says “Bom dia”. And of course chats to Laura. On my way back to the room, we bumped into this very nice lady – also a grandmother – that was chatting with us for 30 minutes. It was all about Laura. She is the hostess of the restaurant here and invited us to visit her, so she can babysit Laura for me. I’m sure she didn’t mean it, but it was still nice. And she stopped her manager to say hello to Laura as well. And she said something really sweet: “God created mothers because He couldn’t be everywhere at the same time”. Cute. And, yes, we mothers rock! Respect us and love us. Full stop.

Yesterday was the same thing, a few people stopped to see and chat to Laura. One lady even came to me while I was taking pictures of her at the mall to congratulate me. Some people might feel annoyed by that, but I always welcome nice gestures and words. Better than the “not too bad” atittude I get sometimes. And thanks to that, I’m always distributing smiles to everyone.

On a ha-ha note, Laura has been mistaken quite a lot by a boy. She has this unissex face and because she doesn’t wear earrings yet and I don’t dress her like a doll, it gets even worse. But I still have loads of dresses and pink clothes. If some people were clever(er), they would just ask “what’s the name?”. Then you know it’s a girl, right? Anyhoo, I’m surprised that it doesn’t annoy me so much. I guess it’s because I know she doesn’t look like a boy, but also it’s not so obvious that she is a girl either. So I can’t blame people for guessing.

I’ll leave you with a quick collage I did while catching some sun by the swimming pool. Haven’t had much time for those (still to download loads of pics from Mr. C’s camera), so enjoy it.

Daddy's girl