On Tuesday Laura had her 3rd set of vaccinations. This time, 3 jabs. She is quite good with injections – of course she cries, but for a few minutes and then she forgets. Maybe forget is not the word… she gets pissed off and stop talking/interacting with people for a while. Then she sleeps, gets a bit slow, and on the following day she is good again.

This time was different. She wouldn’t go to bed (two previous nights I managed to put her to sleep before 8pm), she was crying all the time, when she finally went to bed, she was waking up almost every hour to eat – at by 2.30am I realized how hot she was. It was the first time she had fever. 38.8°C. It’s amazing how parents get a bit stupid when their (first) child gets sick. Mr. C forgot completely how he acts when HE has fever (he packs himself with 20 layers) and he tried to undress the baby. I understand he was trying to cool her down, but she was just wearing a sleeping suit, so nothing much for a cool night. Away, we gave her some Paracetamol (Paracetamol should sponsor NHS – it’s the only medication allowed in this country!), she went back to sleep, woke up another couple of times to eat, and woke up for good at 6am, with daddy going to work. By then her temperature was fine, around 36.5°C. Thankgoodness she was tired and went back to sleep around 7am until 10am. And I could sleep as well. And that was it. Another couple of quick naps during the day, evening came, another problematic night, with her waking up at least 5 times (and not only waking up – she was also crying) to eat, waking up at 6am, taking a 2 hour nap in the morning, and that’s it. She was very energetic during the day, very hungry and very vocal as well.

Last night we tried to go back to the routine of putting her to bed early, but she put up a fight and just slept around 9.30pm (which is fine by me). She just woke up twice to eat (but crying – she normally jsut wakes up and ‘talks’ until I get her), and slept until 8am.

I would love is went all the way until 10 am, but from 9pm to 8am is a great compromise and I accept it. I hope she will honour her part of the deal.


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