Ads for housewives


Since I became a housewife, I’ve been watching more TV than I used to and than I would like to. To the point that I sing some of the songs of some ads and TV series opening themes – like the Comedy Central HD one. But I started to pay attention to the ads during daytime programming and, geez, what a bunch of sad people we are. Money loans, bingo and other gambling websites, chocolate clubs, programmes to loose weight (Jenny Craig is the new Weight Watchers apparently), compensation claims firms… Loads of ads for impulse buyers (including TV offers) and low income people (makes sense, they are at home, watching TV).

In the evening, it’s a completely different story: nice cars ads, car insurance ads, Ikea, McDonalds…

By the way, the new breakfast ad from McDonalds (I tried to find it on you tube, but I couldn’t. I guess I don’t know how to search for it) – the one where showing people completely numb in the morning, putting milk in the washing machine, pulling the door instead of pushing, trying to open the wrong car… – it’s me, full time. I’ve been completely all over the place recently. I put things in one place and 2 seconds later I’m looking for it like a mad woman, I almost binned a 20 pound note with the recycling, I give the dummy to the doll, I forget to take the kid to the bath – it’s just me and a towel and a full bath tub thinking “ok, something is wrong”. I know it comes with motherhood, but it’s really weird.

You know what else comes with motherhood? Non stop headaches, horrid back pains (increased after walking with Laura on the baby carrier), annoying neck and leg pains… My lower back pain yesterday night reminded me of the labour pains. Not fun.

Oh, another thing I got from the time I was pregnant and persists until now: sleepless nights. Laura isn’t a bad baby at nights, but I don’t sleep. If she dreams, I wake up, if she doesn’t dream, I wake up, if she moves, I wake up, if I think she might be cold, I wake up… and this goes every night, throughout the night. And by the time I’m almost falling asleep, Mr. C’s alarm goes off at 5h45 am and I wake up for good.

So, in summary: I’m bizarrely sleepy, in agony with pain, head exploding, with a baby that screams and complains 60% of the time she is awake (the other 40% are divided in 20% she is distracted by me trying to stop her screams, 10% she is playing on her own, 10% I’m changing her nappies, giving her a bath and feeding her).

Can you tell I’m in a bad mood today? That dentist better watch out what he/she is going to do in my month.


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