Life in pictures


The sun is shining again – not sure until when – and with it comes some extra energy, for both baby and I.

I can’t leave the house just yet because DHL is coming to collect the set of pans I bought from Amazon and I have to return because one of the pans came bended and with a weird plastic thing melted on it. It’s the second time that I have to return a damaged product to Amazon (product sold by them, not by third party), which makes me think twice before buying anything there.

Returning items - more (boring) work

Shoppaholic neighbours

When I’m at home and if baby is annoyed and needing some help to sleep, I spend a lot of time by the window. Creepy, but I enjoy looking at the movement in the houses nearby. The neighbour next door moved in recently and every single day there’s a truck delivering things. But not only things for the house. I’ve noticed that they buy a lot of clothes at Next. I confess: I would love if all these packages were for me!

Clock/picture frame

Another small project that took me weeks to finish: the clock/picture frame that Lillywhites gave mr for my birthday. Yesterday I managed to print some random photos of Laura – my idea was to select my favourite pictures and with time have one picture representing each month until she is one. Hopefully I’ll be able to do that one day (when she is one?), but in the meantime, it’s just impossible to select photos, crop, resize, edit, print… I was going to put this clock in the dining room, but the photos will be too small for the space, so I’ve decided to put it in the tiny room/office for the time being, as I’m planning to spend a lot of time there. In the future it might go to the top floor bedroom, which I hope will become officially my “me-time” room.

Making walks easier (hopefully)

We got the baby carrier yesterday and we tried in the house and we likes it! She didn’t cry, she was looking around quietly and today – weather permitting – we will give it a go outdoors. We tried two previously, but in the shop, and she hated them both. One was when she was still a tiny wobbly headed baby, so I preferred the sling, the other was just before buying this one – she was hungry and stressed of being in a noisy shop. Well, liking or not, she will have to be in this thing at least in both airports, as we won’t have a pram with us.

New hobby - all I need is time

I have cushions, I have fabrics, I have small cuts of fabrics, I have a little theory on patchwork, I have a sewing machine, I have needles, I have wadding, I have the will… but I also have a baby. I think I have everything to start my new hobby except time. But I’ll find time – maybe all I need is to blog less. 😀

Finally rolling!

And the latest on baby L (not really latest as this happened last week): she is finally turning on her stomach. She was trying, managed to go on her sides, but my missy lazy took her time to roll completely. Now we have to keep two eyes on her all the time!


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  1. Next do sell a lot of home stuff (rather nice as well I have to say!) so maybe they were buying things for the house?

    Cool about the pics, but I thought you were going to ask me to do it for you? Confused! LOL

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