Life freeze for a while


My To Do list and projects are a bit messed up at the moment.

A couple of more urgent things got in the way: 1) make the house safe for a crawling baby and 2) start the weaning project. No, Laura is not crawling yet, but I think she will by the time we are back. And Laura won’t start on food until she is 6 months old, which will be end of November.

But we will be about 6 weeks away now. 3 in Brazil and 3 in California with daddy. Yey! But it also means that when we are back from the 2nd trip, baby L will be almost ready to start on solid food. Scary!

So, at the moment, it will be curtains for before the trips and tumble dryer for just after. Dining table, which I really wanted to get before the trip to Brazil, will be for later. Not even sure if this year. Then I have to sort out the shelves for the living and dining rooms – the ones I wanted are too big for our walls.

Why do I feel I’m a broken record? I either mentioned this in old posts or I’ve been talking about the same thing with different people all the time. Tiring.

Anyway, yes, we are going on holidays (daddy will work for 2 weeks and take one off) as a family for the first time. Uhuu!


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