No laziness for Mrs. Lazy here!


We had visitors this Saturday – lovely Kaisa and Leo came to meet Laura and we had a nice afternoon with them. It was good to catch up with them. I met Leo 5 years ago, when  we both attended a party for scholars of the programme we both were in.

Sunday we went to Mari’s and Gui’s for lunch – and to return their sofa bed that was at our place for a while. It was adventure day! Mr. C went with the sofa in our car and Laura and I went by train. A bit over 1 hour trip, but apart from Laura’s screams, it went well. We timed the trains , had to run a bit to catch them, but it went all good, no waits, etc. I have to say, though, that going with the pram is not very easy. I’ll be able to try the new baby carrier from tomorrow. If it works, yey, the sky is the limit! Or maybe not, because we are also flying in a couple of weeks.

Monday Ruth came over with her baby daughter and after a “quick” (as quick as things with baby can be) chat, we went to Blue Water, a “huge” shopping mall not too far from here. It was a lovely but long day for us and specially for the babies (coming back at 7pm is late for two 3-months old girls). It was quite useful as well, as I saw some of the fabrics I had in mind for the curtains in John Lewis. I didn’t buy anything but it was good to go window shopping.

Next weekend is also promising, with “international” visitors all the way from Germany, road trips Thelma and Louise style and baby shower. If Laura is not enjoying all these, I hope at least she starts getting used to having a social life.


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