Is there anything else to talk about?


I recently came across a couple of blogs of mums talking about their babies and looking at their blogrolls, I was pretty surprised to see the amount of similiar blogs are out there.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m one of those new mums that have a blog to talk about her experience as a (first time) mother, but what surprised me was the fact that, yes, once you have a child, your life as an individual is sort of gone. And if you are on maternity leave, like I am now, it’s very unlikely that you can talk about different things even if you try hard.

Although I love my baby and I think she is the most amazing and beautiful thing that ever happened to me, I sometimes get a bit tired of talking about babies, and baby products, baby behaviour, and baby-baby-baby. Truth is, even if you want to talk about other stuff, it’s quite hard to know about anything else if you are a full time mum.

You have to be selective about spending your “free” time. I spend blogging about… babies! And researching about curtains (not anymore), and stuff for the house. And sometimes watching TV (mostly Comedy Central and food channels). I hardly ever read/watch the news – if I thought I was already too lazy to know what’s going on with the world outside my world, now I don’t have the mental energy to even try to understand it.

Yes, I’m a selfish lazy chubby lady, I admit it. But I’m a good person – I don’t steal, I don’t kill (except insects), so I guess this must count for something.


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  1. I think is only natural you feel that way…The difference between us is that I kinda know how hard having a child is and that for a while is baby’s life and not yours 🙂 I don’t have the romanised view of having a child and maybe that’s why I am not in great rush to get to it! LOL But you are doing brilliantly, at least about not talking only with mums, mums-to-be and only about babies when we meet and exchange e-mails 🙂

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