Adding more to the list


* Recently added Criminal Minds and CSI to my “Series I have the patience and interest to watch”. Mind you, I watch TV with the automatic pilot on, so I’m not really trying to figure out who did what or to guess the end. I’m just watching. Even though, I can’t watch anything and everything. I select the crap I watch.

* I had a couple of items included in my to do list that I didn’t really want to add. Pack and return a demaged item I bought on Amazon and pack and send my GPS that was recalled by Garmin. Simple tasks but also a pain, because I have other things more important and fun to do. The first one will be sorted by tomorrow, the second one only next week because I can’t drive without the GPS.

* I need to see some few people before I go to Brazil. Actually, one for sure. A colleague from work, who is leaving the company and going on holidays. My catch up list is increasing.

* My “me time” list is also increasing: manicure, hairdresser, doctor, dentist.

* Personal projects list is also big: sewing, exercising, loosing weight, start photo albums, redesign (whatever) the banner/look of this blog.


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