You know when your baby is not hard work when…


1) You can blog and read blogs and even post comments

2) You can sleep at 22h if you want, and stay in bed until 9am (sometimes – although with interrupted sleep) if you want, and you get stressed if the baby doesn’t wake up at night to eat (at least once)

3) You can have at least 3 meals a day and deserts after lunch AND dinner – and you cooked these meals!

4) You can prepare dinner to your husband BEFORE he gets home

5) You can watch – and pay attention to – TV

6) You can have a shower every day and wash your hair every other day and put cream on your body

7) You can organise the mess in the house once or twice a week – sometimes more

8) You have several pictures of your baby smiling and one or two of her crying

9) You can organise the baby’s drawer while she is awake

10) You can talk on the phone for more than 5 minutes


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  1. Serah que eu poderei fazer isso tudo – ou pelo menos metade disso – quando o Nick chegar? Porque com o Vini sempre foi impossivel!
    Oh well, 39 weeks – one to go =O|

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