Is there anything else to talk about?


I have some few friends that are not at that level of having children, etc. They are normally happy to hear/talk about children, but even I get tired of it sometimes.

On my (our – all the mom’s in the world) defense I can say that having a baby (maybe children – plural – but I can’t tell for sure) is like getting an iPad, MacBook, new doll, every single day. Every day you have a “new” baby; new things to talk about, new doubts, new questions, more answers, laughters, cries, etc.

Right now, for example, baby Laura is amusing herself with her legs and a bib. She is talking to the bib, smiling at it, and exercising her legs. From time to time she stops to check if her hands and fingers are still there. All this with Michael Jackson playing in the background.

Even if you try to put the kid into a routine, it’s not always the same. Like sleeping for example. It’s getting harder and harder to put her to bed. I’m trying to give her a bath everyday at the same time, so she starts to come down and get used to the “sleep time” ritual. She gets very sleepy after a bath, but not always sleeps. So 5pm is bath time, around 7pm daddy gets home and plays with her, by 9pm we try to take her to the bedroom – away from the light, TV, noises, etc. Sometimes she falls asleep at 9pm, 9h30 and goes through the night, awaking up once or twice to eat. Sometimes we only manage to put her to sleep at 11pm or even midnight!

And because I’m following the feed-on-demand programme (basically feed the baby whenever he/she wants to eat), I have no idea how often Laura eats. And I’m not a good mom to keep track of these things. Some days she eats every two hours, some days every 4 hours, some days she eats for 10 minutes, others for 40 minutes.

Same with her daily naps. Today she napped more than usual. Yesterday she didn’t sleep at all.

And it’s not only Baby Laura that fills this house with baby stuff. Mummy also read blogs of pregnant/mothers friends and even random people’s blogs (ok, I read any sort of personal blog – and I’m now into decoration blogs too).

Ans speaking of babies, next Tuesday a couple of friends from work will come over… with their babies! Yey! One is an “old” friend, we used to work next to each other, chat about other stuff. The other one is from finance and besides the quick chat when she handled the payslip, we started chatting more when she got pregnant, a couple of months after me. It’s the first time I’m meeting her baby, so I can imagine that we will only talk about babies and being a mum, etc.

Oh, well, maybe I should start reading the news…


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