How to reserve a cot seat on a British Airways flight


When I booked my flight to Brazil, I was happy that I could book my seats in advance – if you are flying with an infant you have the priority, otherwise just on day of the flight (in some cases up to 3 days before the trip). To my disapppointment the cot seats were booked already. I called the numberon their website and asked the grumpy lady about the cot – she said sorry, if it’s book online there was nothing she could do.

And because I like complaining, I’ve complained to several people about it, and included a post here on the blog. And another 1st time mom, also living in London and going to Brazil just after me, came to my rescue. She said (for those who don’t read other people’s comments and don’t understand Portuguese) that cot seats are not available to book online, only by phone – 0844 493 0 787 (I’ve checked, the same number I called before). Instead of asking for a cot seat, I demanded one. In a nice way of course, because I’m nice even when I’m horrible. And guess what, they were available! Aha!

So, if you are flying BA (sorry, don’t know about the other airlines, but it might be the same), you should call them just after you book your flight to get the cot seat.

Oh, and the online chart is not accurate. The cots are shown as 12D (aisle) and 12E (middle), but when I asked for the aisle, the guy said that the cots are in fact 12E and 12F, in between two aisles. (BAXT – the rows of the “cabin” I’m in are from 12 to 14).

Conclusion: Compaining is good, especially on blogs – the more people know about the problem, the more are your chances to find a solution to it. Don’t accept “no” as an answer. Call again and again and again, until you get the answer you want. Sometimes it might be “no”, but try to have at least 3 “no” from different people.


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  1. Well, you know I am Mrs Complaining myself, so yeah, I totall understand you 😉 Well done for trying again and getting through this time. o/ Glad you will both travel comfortably 😉 That’s what matters!

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