Yesterday, Laura and I joined a friend from work and her baby and went to the final bits of the Staff Away Day. I’m glad we did go as it was really good to see the guys from work again, especially out of the work environment. The task of the day was to film video clips and by the time we got there they were editing everything – so we managed to see the final thing. It was hilarious and almost all videos were great. Although some people said that it was a long day (we left around 8pm when the actual thing finished, and dinner was going to be served followed by disco), I guess it was one of the funniest away days so far.

It was great to catch up with people and find out that two other ladies are pregnant. So, 4 at the moment + another 8 on maternity leave (4 coming back this year).

And baby Laura behaved really well and didn’t cry much with all the new people she met – and she even manage to sleep through the loud music, including Prodigy. I’m happy we braved the crappy weather to go – Laura and I are still covered in glitter from all the hugging and kissing.

P.S.: Didn’t take the pram/sling, so my arms are dead today.


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  1. yeay to you brave girls again o/ I have a feeling I (if becoming a mum) will be one big bear one, keeping mine on the cave until is they are big and strong, LOL.

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