Poor thingy!


Laura had her 2nd immunisation yesterday and although she cried a lot (with a few tears!), it took her 10 minutes to forget about it completly. Luckily she doesn’t have fever, but she isn’t as active as before. But this is not all bad news – she slept the whole night from 10.30pm to 7.30am, without waking up for a feed – normally she wakes up one or twice, sometimes up to 4 times a night. And she fell asleep on her own a while ago.

Today we have her 2nd (and hopefully last) scan to check her kidneys. The doctor said the second scan is normally done when the baby is 6 months old and he was very surprised that they booked it so early. I have two explanations for it: either the hospital is very unorganised and booked the scan twice without noticing or the guy who did the scan was worried that we would continue with the antibiotics (according to him, a bit unnecessary) and wanted to show us that she is completely fine by now. I’m hoping it’s the latter. We stopped the antibiotics a few weeks ago, when I found a paper saying it was supposed to be given for 4 weeks only.


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  1. Let us know when the kidney test results are out, we are all here expeting she is ok now 😉

    Hope there is not a lot more os vaccinations to go, but get ready for the teething, I think is the worst bit through the babies lives 😦

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