Finding little things to do


I’m normally quite happy staying at home, organising the mess (it’s always a mess for me, no matter how hard I clean and organise things), browsing sites for house stuff, blogging, reading blogs, watching a bit of TV, listening to music, etc. But since I can’t do things at my own pace anymore – it’s all baby steps now – I’m quite happy to find (small) things to do outside the house and to meet with other human beings (and keep Laura entertained, sometimes she is quite hard to please).

Hospital appointment, British citizenship ceremonies, picking hubbie at the station. So, tomorrow evening I’m popping to the work ‘away day’ – a staff get together to bond and forget about work for a day. During the day, teams have to accomplish ‘fun’ tasks and in the evening, party! And Laura and I will be there to say hello and part-EY! Ok, not to party, just to chat and see people. I hope the weather won’t be miserable like today.


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  1. Ai amiga, amo tudo no seu blog!!! Mas realmente as fotos do batizado me emocionaram… é engraçado pensar nas voltas que a vida dá e no quanto tudo fica bem, e tudo fica melhor com tempo… Essa pressa, essa impaciência que me mata! Rs…
    Keep in mind that you’ve been a inspiration to me… Love you!
    Regarding Laura be “quite hard to please”… this is good. She’ll never be satisfied and will always looking forward in order to getting more from life.
    Besides, she is cute as hell!!!

  2. The weather didn’t change unfortunatelly 😦

    I have to say I am impressed on how much she goes out with you and behave 😉 Well done you two! x

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