Life in pictures


This is Bubu, Laura’s new doll. She loves playing with her. Wherever we go I carry her around, just in case Laura gets grumpy and need something to distract her. Carla & Paulo’s gift.

I finally got a vase to put the flowers I get. I went with Laura to the high street one of the days I was feeling a bit claustrophobic and went to M&S. There were just a couple of options. I also found a very cute shop with things for the house, including curtains. Unfortunately my little one doesn’t have the patience to shop and I had to leave the shop before seeing 1% of the options. Maybe next time.

Mr. C’s family arrived last Thursday – mom, dad, sis and bro-in-law. Laura is being spoilt rotten by them – I hope it won’t be a shock for her when they are gone and she won’t have so many people to play with. It will definitely be a shock for mum, who won’t have time to do lots of things.

She is soooo adorable when she sleeps. She is adorable when she is awake too, but she has been very “vocal” lately and baby cry really annoys me.

Mummy and baby watching some TV. Mummy fatter than ever, and with no vanity left – the hair is always a mess, looking awfully tired, can’t be bothered wearing bras…

And this cute face is the one to blame for mummy’s downfall! Should I squeeze her chicks or what?

Last Saturday Baby was baptized in a Romanian/Ortodox Church in the centre of London. She was wearing a dress that granny from Brazil gave her and hat/trousers/shoes given by granny from Romania.

The family gathered for this special occasion: Mr. C between his mum & dad and Laura’s godparents.

Grandma and Laura at the altar, waiting for the cerimony to start. This golden bowl was full of warm Holy water where the kids were baptized. Instead of just pouring water on their foreheads, the priest puts the whole baby in the water.

A close-up of the Holy bowl.

Mummy, Auntie-Godmother Anca and Laura. Mummy looking awfully tired!

All the babies being baptized – I think Laura was the oldest one. Here you can see the “main” priest, but towards the end, another one showed up (to help?). Besides the water bit, they also put a special oil on the babies and take them to the altar. The cerimony was all in Romanian, so I couldn’t understand it at all. Laura was the baby who cried the most – strong lungs she has.

Daddy (and later mummy) had to calm her down – and it didn’t work that well. She cried the whole time, except for the bath time, which she quite enjoyed. In her defence, I have to say that she was the only one who wasn’t fed just before the cerimony – all other babies had bottles before the actual thing. I don’t bottle feed Laura, so I would have to take my boobs out in the church, which wouldn’t have gone down very well.

There’s Laura! The quality wasn’t that great but I can assure you that she was enjoying. And the church was warm enough (a bit too warm for me, because of the long sleeve shirt I was wearing). As soon as she was taken from the water, she resumed the crying.

The cerimony took about an hour. There was singing, praying, godparents carrying the babies around the table, godparents carrying candles, etc. Shame I couldn’t understand more. Now, looking back at it, I wished it was all done in the water, so Laura wouldn’t have screamed so much.

I have more old photos to post, but they are from my mobile and I haven’t had the patience time to download them yet.


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  1. It looks like a very pretty church and that was a nice ceremony as well, even if you didn’t understand…
    And at least she liked the water, usually that’s when the babies tend to really go for the crying! Hehehe…

    God bless 😉

  2. Hiya…I know how you felt during the ceremony..:).both my kids cried after it, but settled down very quickly…
    The house looks great…you should be happy, you’ve done well!:)

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