Not sure about you, but non-stop crying babies drive me nuts. Laura has been like that recently – crying a lot, for no apparent reason. I say apparent because we can’t find out why she’s annoyed, but I’m sure she has her reasons. It’s quite frustrating to see your baby crying and not be able to make her stop. And sometimes she just decides not to eat. She eats 3-4 times during the whole day (when normally she eats every 2 hours, minimium) and for just 5 minutes. I’m trying to be calm and think that this might be a phase but it drives me nuts to think that she might be on some sort of hunger strike because there’s something wrong with her. She seems fine though. Tomorrow we have an appointment with the pediatrician and I’ll mention this – although here pediatricians are only for serious problems, smaller problems are with midwives and health visitors.


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  1. Well what is the worse that can happen if you ask them anyway, they won’t call the police or anything, go for it!

    No one likes a baby crying too much, it is annoying and heart breaking, hopefully you will figure it out soon 😉

  2. The thing with babies is that they change all feel like you’ve figured it out…and then suddenly it doesn’t work anymore…

    Feeding patterns dont stay the same either, but if she’s gaining weight, she’s fine!:)

    She’s adorable…:)

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