Life in pictures


Here is the living room with the new sofa, which is the only thing that will technically stay there. Funny how things can be different from you expect, right? The rocking chair is going to the baby’s room, this small sofa will go to the top floor bedroom – at it will be replaced – I guess – by another sofa bed, same colour/fabric as the big one, the blinds will be replaced by curtains (“I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”), the coffee table will be replaced by something else (so clue yet) and the TV unti will… well, I don’t know yet what will happen to these things. We are taking Baby Laura’s steps here.

Here is the garden (with portuguese subtitles). Maybe I’m being annoying, but I can’t see much of a difference now. I did on the day. Bizarely, after we cut our side, we can now see the dry branches of the neighbour’s (and can’t do anything about it). And part of the green top of the whatever the plant is called had to be removed to get to the level we wanted. According to the tree surgeon, it will grow back.

Here is the monster wardrobe we took a few days to put up. I guess part of my pain is thank to that thing, but it’s my fault – I was the one wanting to use every single space of the room (I’m glad I didn’t go with 6 doors, instead of only 4). It’s still partially empty because I’m still trying to sort out things around here.

And finally the tiny room shelves. Again, it’s not organized yet – I just put these things on it so I could see how it would look like. I didn’t like the style in the first place, but I guess I’m used to it. So, in theory, our storage space is sorted and we can now clear the rooms a bit. Let’s see how long this will take.


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  1. I like the sofas and the red cushions against and even the white sofa with it! Looks very nice! Will give the seat test on Sunday then 😉 I love Laura’s little dresses in the wardrobe, all very cutsie. And the way you said the little room was disaster, I think looks really nice and everything in its place =) I thought was going to be much worse! Like the garden as well, I think it will get time to get used to it, but it will all grow back, i am sure! Is like hair, LOL!

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