Light at the end of the tunnel


Everybody who meets baby Laura says that she is a lovely quiet baby. She is, but only when you live 24 hours with a baby you can tell for sure. Apart from the first weeks “learning” how a baby functions and a few very bad colics crisis, she is a lovely quiet baby. And even more now.

For 10 days or so, she has been the best baby ever. She cries very little – the annying cry is only when she is in pain or extremely sleep and needs help to calm down; otherwise her cry is more like a grumpy funny noise; she smiles a lot if we play with her, she is happy playing on her own, she is sleeping almost through the night. Recently she’s been waking up to eat – a couple of times – but it doesn’t bother me, because she goes back to sleep very easily and she sleeps until 10-11 am. So, if I want, I can take some good naps in the morning.

If it continues like this – and I’m sure it won’t! – it will be easy to be a mom. hehe

I think she will start talking soon and a lot and this will drive me crazy. Or not.


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  1. NOT driving you crazy. It will be fun to try to realize what did she tried to say to you…I know when our friends came with their 2 years old boy…we had a great time and a good laugh (we the “BAD” adults) on how serious that child could be when saying something that nobody could ever understand.
    Finger crossed!

  2. Good to know she is having more yes days than no days 🙂 I am sure she will say the most amazing and curious things, like all toddlers do. Try and watch Outnumbered if you can (from catch up TV) priceless!! =D

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